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Tax Debt Relief Answers has over 40 years of experience helping taxpayers just like you who find themselves at odds with the IRS. Call now for your free consultation and take your life back.

How We Can Help

When you call Tax Debt Relief Answers, you will speak with a live individual ready to help walk you through our three step tax debt relief process: investigation, analysis, and resolution.


Our experts start by conducting a systematic examination of your financial records and tax-related activities to begin pathing your path to financial freedom.


Once the investigation is complete, we use the data to uncover potential issues, inconsistencies, or opportunities for optimization within the context of IRS regulations.


After a thorough analysis, we negotiate and resolve outstanding tax debts and issues with the IRS on your behalf to help you regain compliance and alleviate financial burdens.

Tax Debt Relief Answers can help with the IRS

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  • We deal with the IRS so you don’t have to
  • Stop The IRS Collection Process
  • End IRS Wage Garnishments
  • Stop Levies and Liens and more
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